Rebrands, Brand Identity & Brand Value Proposition

At the core of every successful nonprofit, association, or business is a strong brand identity. Your brand is the core, or DNA, of your organization. It goes beyond an attractive logo, a memorable tag line, or a catchy jingle to encompass every aspect of your business. Every contact a customer has with your company needs to be brand consistent. A brand refresh starts with a strategic process to identify your brand value proposition. Then, we determine how to most effectively communicate, market, and visually display your brand's message, and ultimately grow revenue, donors, membership, sales, and achieve your other goals. 

This includes the right color schemes and fonts for your logo and responsive website. The process, or sales funnel you want visitors on your website to take, the 'voice' of your marketing copy, and the feeling you want to convey to everyone that interacts with your brand. And so much more! 

At our core, Mercury Creative Group is a branding company. Take a look below to see how our firm refreshed the brand identity and value propositions of other clients. Then, let us walk through a strategic brand refresh for your nonprofit., association or business.

REbrands - Brand Refresh, Brand Identity & Brand Value Proposition Projects