Meet Justin:


For over 20 years, Justin Bieganek has led productive strategy sessions on topics ranging from brand clarity to event reinvention. His facilitation style effectively helps a room full of people find clarity, create alignment, and cultivate actionable solutions.

In Need of a Growth-Driver? Are you…

  • losing revenue?

  • in need of organizational change? 

  • losing clients or members?

  • lacking an Impact Statement?

  • trying to gain buy-in and create alignment?

  • in need of clarity?

  • looking to reimagine an event?

  • in need of atypical strategic planning to move your organization forward? 

  • has your audience changed and you need to find ways to connect with it?

  • facing a marketplace shift?

  • battling negative perceptions around your brand, organization and/or industry?

  • attempting to unite all parts of your organization?

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Why Organizations Hire Justin

Often, moving an organization forward requires difficult decisions and sweeping change. It requires clarity, alignment and buy-in from all. Working with an outside facilitator increases the likelihood of meeting those objectives. 

Justin brings neutrality, a fresh perspective and elevates the perceived importance of the working session. He is willing to ask the difficult questions and work through messy issues. As an outsider leader, participants will listen to and share openly with Justin in a way they will not with someone from their organization.       

Lastly, he brings enthusiasm and fun to what can be dull and challenging topics. 

Navigating The Journey

A good working session is one part destination and one part exploration. As important as it is to stay focused on the end goal, it is just as important to remain open to the possibilities of collaboration. One of the most important outcomes of any strategic meeting is the ownership that comes when a group creates the solution together.

Justin has navigated the journey with groups of varying sizes with a wide range of goals. There are only two commonalities they all share - every session is different and every result is unique. Each client receives a tailored and actionable plan designed specifically to make a positive impact on their organization.


Being a connection-driver permeates Justin’s work. He connects leadership and staff to their brand; brands to their ideal prospects; teams to each other and tactical solutions to complex issues. Tapping into the power of a deeply-connected collective is one of the most effective ways he helps teams drive growth and create change.

“Before this process, we were all separated. We worked in our silos and didn’t even know what others were working on. Now, that has completely changed, and our team is working together better than ever.”

Merry Beckmann, AGC Minnesota


As an expert designer, Justin listens differently - with his eyes and his ears. Coupled with his natural understanding of typical human behavior, he anticipates potential issues or roadblocks and has a plan in place to stop them before they even start.

“Justin intuitively understands when to talk, when to listen, when to let conversations continue and when to re-direct them. I’m consistently impressed (and mystified) at how well he reads a room.”

Mark Francis, EOS Integrator


Justin knows when to ask the right questions to produce the needed information. He understands the need to dig deep to ensure the elucidation of valuable insights. His “no stone unturned” tenacity pays off with the type of useful intelligence it takes to move organizations forward. 

“Justin and his team led us through an in-depth strategic value proposition session, which I highly recommend. We learned so much about our organization and messaging. We developed our essential value, and it really made us look at our brand from a unique lens. MCG helped us evaluate all of our communications, e.g., website, newsletter, e-communications, marketing materials to ensure everything had a succinct look & feel. We couldn’t be happier.” 

Angela Kisskeys, Associations North


While leaving room for inspirational sidetracks, Justin keeps the end goal front and center. With focus and a clear vision, he sets a course and guides participants through the steps necessary to reach the desired ending.

“By breaking down what was truly important to our association, Justin led our strategic board meeting and helped us take 13 nebulous goals and turn them into three actionable ones. We couldn’t have done it without his skillful facilitation and invaluable outside perspective.”

Kevin Lewis, BOMA Greater Minneapolis 


Establishing a tone and maintaining momentum are critical elements of an effective working session. Justin’s energy and drive permeate every session he leads, creating an atmosphere of creativity and engagement.

“It was amazing to watch you work. The way you get everyone involved and overcome obstacles while remaining positive is inspiring. I have never attended a session that was as engaging and effective as this one.”

Julie Steel, Engineering Alliance Minnesota


As much as we try to prevent it, confrontations can occur. When things start getting heated, Justin can smoothly step in and get the conversation back on track. 

“As a 100-year association steeped in tradition, some key staff and members were resistant to change. This resistance was expressed verbally during some very lively working sessions. What could have easily devolved into disruptive disputes instead became productive conversations. I appreciated the way Justin addressed the issues and made sure everyone’s opinions were heard.”

Tim Worke, Associated General Contractors of Minnesota


Continuing to bolster participants throughout the session is vital. Justin keeps things positive with frequent and specific praise.

“Justin made sure even the quietest voices in our group were heard. His gentle prodding and positive reinforcement made everyone in the room comfortable sharing their thoughts .”

Cassie Larson, Minnesota Nursing & Landscaping Association


Keeping things moving along, getting engagement, and staying focused on objectives is vital to accomplishing established goals. Justin understands the importance of holding participants accountable both during the session and after. 

”I was surprised (and appreciated) how much Justin held our feet to the fire...really grabbed on and said you’re going to get this right...he wouldn’t let slide back into old habits.”

Renee Horsman, Director of Marketing & Communications


We foster partnerships with our clients that enable us to uncover the essence of their brand. Let Mercury Creative Group help you gain a fresh perspective on communicating it in strategic ways that connect to the right audiences.


20 YEArs of proudly putting your best foot forward.