Associated General Contractors of Minnesota

Historical Significance for the Modern Age

On the heels of a fresh new rebrand, Associated General Contractors of Minnesota (AGC MN) wanted to follow suit with an overhaul of their current web presence. Capitalizing on the work that was completed to define the new brand experience, Mercury was able to carry over not only the new look, but reinforce the strength and valued resource AGC of Minnesota has been and continues to be for its members.

The reshaping of the site started with identifying target areas for users and defining the critical pathways needed to deliver information quickly and concisely. Once this step was established, Mercury focused on highlighting the historical aspects of AGC of MN through engaging copy and a unique timeline section, which showcases each decade of construction history throughout Minnesota. 

A More Efficient Way to Manage Members

In addition the front-end development of the website, Mercury worked with AGC MN to redesign and deploy an entirely new independent member database application. The new application provides a streamlined interface for AGC to manage their members, events, purchases, and registrations, but one of the main reasons this system was built was to reduce manual data entry, to make daily operations much faster and less tedious to manage. To do this, Mercury developed integrations with Quickbooks Online and Constant Contact.

Let’s dig in further to understand what these features/integrations are and why they are important. Firstly, the member database application was built to integrate with the front facing website but also be independent so the front facing website can go through changes without affecting the member database application. This will give AGC flexibility to make more changes in the future with the reliability of their database being unaffected by marketing efforts.

Other than the expected ability to add, edit, and search on all data points of AGC’s members, member personnel, and events, the system processes and stores purchases for events, membership registration and some other specialty services. With the added integration with Quickbooks Online, purchases are directly processed with Quickbooks Payments and accounting entries are automatically added. Users purchasing an event registration also have the option to be invoiced, rather than pay with credit card or bank transfer. With this option, invoices are automatically generated from Quickbooks Online and emailed directly to the user who registered for an event.  

Another integration made was to automatically update Constant Contact lists. Each night, the AGC database connects with Constant Contact and updates member subscriptions to lists for committees, weekly updates, etc. This helps AGC not have to manage these list manually, but also increases accuracy of who is being contacted by updating the contacts nightly.  

One of the biggest parts of this application is the actual database development itself. To not be stuck in to a generic structure that a software engineer thought of years ago, Mercury custom developed a database to work with AGC’s data the way they needed it to be. This creates a major efficiency since the data is exactly the way the staff wants it to be structured and formatted. No need to compromise with a platform that won’t make changes, AGC gets to dictate how it looks and works to makes the most efficient system for them.  

"We were working off five disparate systems that didn't talk to one another, and were not working well at all. Having a new database and a new website that talk together and work with our accounting system creates this seamless flow." 

RENEE HORSMAN, Director of Marketing & Communications

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