Michael Schwengel

Mercury Web Developer Partner + CEO of KudosCode

Michael fell in love with technology and the prospect of creating novel solutions when he built his first database in DataEase on his father’s work computer at the early age of 6.  

His first website, promoting his family-garage snack shop “Popcorn Plus!” was launched in 1998 on Tripod, with numerous animated GIF rainbows adorning the page.

Since then, Michael has gained tech industry expertise while contributing to the growth of organizations as designer, software developer, consultant, and operations director.  He’s also cultivated his artistic side as actor and top voice over artist.

Today, he gratefully leads the team at KudosCode, a partner-centric development & support service, building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with creative and digital marketing agencies like Mercury. He delights in making the lives of our employees and customers better through empathy, high attention to detail, creative problem solving, and collaboration. 



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