Tania Hermann

Marketing Director

Tania has always been passionate about connecting with people and fostering growth through collaboration. She naturally gravitated to the areas of Psychology and Sociology and graduated with a B.A. in those fields from the University of Minnesota. She spent 20 years in the hospitality industry which groomed her to be adaptable, perceptive, and results-driven. During that tenure, she has served multiple roles from Front Office Manager to Director of Sales and Marketing.

Naturally drawn to the relationship-building and sales potential of social media, she decided to increase her knowledge base and acquired a certificate in Digital Marketing from the University of St. Thomas in 2018. This led to her joining the Mercury team initially as a Digital Marketing Specialist and now serving as our in-house Marketing Director. 

"I love digital because it is measurable and agile. I'm a big believer that to be an expert you must remain a student." 


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