Our Approach

Strategy first. Design second.

Brand leads. Using the Mercury Method, we work with you to define who you are, what you do and why you do it. Answering these seemingly simple questions offers you a clear look into how your organization thinks, behaves and interacts with the marketplace. For us, it provides informed insights that drive strong and compelling brand stories and creative solutions. Our immersive method results in compelling marketing communications that create true and lasting connections to your audience to grow your brand.



We understand what drives meaningful connections. Our proprietary method provides clarity and direction - giving us total confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Mercury Creative Group works with you to...

  • connect executives and leadership to your brand.
  • connect your brand to the ideal prospects.
  • develop brand communication strategies that deliver results.
  • design and produce marketing communications that influence customer actions.
  • evaluate the effectiveness of chosen communication tactics and offer insights to nurture long-term brand growth.
And, we bring fun and inspiration to the table.


We foster partnerships with our clients that enable us to uncover the essence of their brand. Let Mercury Creative Group help you gain a fresh perspective on communicating it in strategic ways that connect to the right audiences.


20 YEArs of proudly putting your best foot forward.