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Associations often debate whether to invest in a custom responsive website, or in membership management software. When deciding the direction to go with your association website, we recommend thinking strategically about three factors:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Control
  3. Stability

How flexible is your association's website over time?
As you know, technology changes quickly. One moment everyone was using desktop and laptop computers, and now it is all about mobile phones. The move mobile has made a responsive website essential for associations to have engaging membership websites.

How quickly can you adapt your association website when you spot shifts in technology? If your membership organization is using software, it is at the mercy and timeline of an outside entity. That means limited flexibility and less control when the winds of change come.

How much control do you want over the look, function, brand identity, and updates of your association website?
Technology changes quickly, and so do the needs and preferences of your members and association. With a custom, responsive, mobile-friendly website you can make strategic changes at the moment they are most needed. In short, you have complete control.

The world is no longer one size fits all. People are unique and your organization is unique. Your association website should stand out and show your brand identity. This will only happen if you have control over the entire website.

If it is not flexible and you have little control, is it a stable association website?
We have established that with a custom, responsive website, you have control. In the world of websites, control means stability. For example, what happens if the company who runs the membership management software is acquired by another company or goes out of business? This is a significant inconvenience for the association. In fact, they have to sit and wait, or go through the pain of transitioning to something else. A website that you own and control is the most stable situation.

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