Word on the street

Let's rip off the band-aid and talk about pain for a moment.

It's established that people are more motivated to avoid pain than they are to achieve pleasure. In the sales process, identifying a prospect's pain is always the first step.

What does your brand know about its customers' most pressing needs? Many organizations have multiple types of customers that each have different desires. For each segment of stakeholders, you need to know what they need.

This sounds simple, but is often difficult for organizations that have existed for a long time. It is common to see an association or nonprofit with limited resources settle into a routine and not adapt as change rapidly happens.

The result is that the needs of customers change, but the service offerings of the brand remain stagnant.

As you assess your brand's fitness, make a list of each customer type you serve. Then, list each of their needs.

Are you meeting those needs? If not, it is time to adapt and innovate!

How fit is your brand? Let's connect and find out.

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