Word on the street

Most effective fitness plans begin with an evaluation of current strengths and weaknesses in order to create a plan to attain your ultimate goals. The same is true when we consider the fitness of your brand. We must first look at strengths and weaknesses.

A brand fitness assessment starts with identifying a brand value proposition. Then, it moves to prioritizing your audiences.

If you had to pick one, who is the most important customer for your business, type of member for your association, or stakeholder of your nonprofit organization?

Prioritizing your audience, or determining who are the most important people to reach and please, helps focus your marketing. It also helps evaluate whether or not the products, services, or value you offer is hitting the mark.

Prioritize your audience, and make sure your brand is communicating a message that alleviates their pain and helps them reach their goals!


We foster partnerships with our clients that enable us to uncover the essence of their brand. Let Mercury Creative Group help you gain a fresh perspective on communicating it in strategic ways that connect to the right audiences.


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