Word on the street

How fit is your brand?

At Mercury Creative Group, with each client we conduct a brand fitness assessment to determine the strengths of their brand, and areas of improvement.

The first step of each assessment is to have a client share its brand value statement, aka brand value proposition.

What is a brand value proposition?

A value proposition is the art of communicating “here is why you should buy from us” to your prospects and customers. It should permeate your whole customer experience. It’s not solely a single line of text like a slogan, but comprises headlines, sub-heads, audio and visual elements and even the procedure, location or technology used to communicate with your audience.

How then, can you make your brand stand out?

You need not shy away from your similarities with competitors. You must focus on your biggest point of difference when crafting your brand value proposition. In at least one element of value you need to excel from your competition. In this way you become the best choice for your optimal customer.

Your points of parity are those traits that prospects need to know about but won’t really impress anyone. Your point(s) of difference, however, are why your solution is clearly the best option.

The brand value proposition statement will provide a ‘guiding light’ for all marketing activity, communications and customer interactions. The outcome is adoption of deliberate messages in all forms of customer/prospect interactions including the website, social media, email, digital advertising, print advertising, promotional materials, sales talking points, in-store signs, receipts, etc.

Would you like to seen an example of a brand value proposition? Check out our brand refresh of Associations North.


We foster partnerships with our clients that enable us to uncover the essence of their brand. Let Mercury Creative Group help you gain a fresh perspective on communicating it in strategic ways that connect to the right audiences.


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