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Did you miss part 1? If so, go to Branding From 30,000 Feet: Part 1

Did you miss part 2? If so, to Branding From 30,000 Feet: Part 2

In parts one and two we covered what makes up the core of a brand and brand elements. Here in part 3, branding rubber meets the road with brand communications.

Brand communications make up every single touch point that people have with your brand. Go ahead, take a minute (or 10, we'll wait for you) and try to list every point of interaction someone has with your organization.

It is crucial that your brand's core (essential value, strategy, & story) and elements (its a long list, see part 2) are consistent across each of your communication platforms.

How is your brand's core and elements reflected in each of these communication areas?

  • Website
  • Emails
  • Ads
  • Identity System
  • Messaging
  • Blog
  • Swag
  • Social Media
  • Brochures
  • Physical Office Space or Store
  • Signage
  • Video
  • Digital
  • Print
  • Apparel
  • Voice Mail

It takes work to ensure that your brand's core and elements are consistently reflected in communications. But it is worth it. The best companies, associations, and nonprofits, both small and large, get it right.

Fortunately, we are here to help! Let's connect.

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