Word on the street

The Minnesota Timberwolves are undergoing a brand refresh, both on and off the court. With exciting young talent in Karl Anthony Towns (KAT), Andrew Wiggins, and Zach LaVine (get well soon Zach!), and a resurgent Ricky Rubio, the future looks bright. With this improved "product" it makes sense that the Wolves want to revamp their visual identity as well.

The team recently announced that they have a new logo! However, they are building hype and excitement before unveiling the look. The roll out of the new logo and brand refresh offers some good lessons in capturing attention for designers and marketers.

The Wolves set a day and time they will show off the logo. Guess what? You have to attend the game on April 11th to get the first, exclusive look! They announced this opportunity via email, mention it at games, have a countdown on their website, and have integrated it into their marketing and communication channels.

Here at Mercury Creative Group, we did something similar in our rebrand of Associations North. Months in advance, a series of communications and promotional pieces went out, teasing that something fresh, new, and true was coming. The big reveal happened at an annual conference with great results and a warm response from members.

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