Word on the street

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Pinterest. Snapchat. The list goes on and on and new platforms are added every day. Does your business or organization have a presence on these social media channels?

More importantly…. Should you?

When it comes to Social Media, more is not always more. You need to cut through the clutter to reach your targeted audience where they are and how they want to be found.

A little bit of foresight and thought can save you a lot of wasted time and energy in the long run.

For the sake of simplicity- here are two important questions you should ask yourself when deciding what social media channels to invest your resources into:

  1. Is my audience here?
  2. Will my product/service perform well on this platform?

To help answer the latter question, here is some general info for each channel:

Facebook is the platform default channel for most businesses and organizations. Simply having a facebook page serves to legitimize your brand identity from a user perspective. However, keep in mind that organic reach is less than 6% and engagement is down 50% since the algorithm changes in January. Focus on creating content your audience wants to see from you. Post quantity is no longer as effective for reaching your fans

Twitter is particularly good for customer service-oriented brands. It’s instrumental for brands that need to be reactionary in real time to numerous customer issues and comments. It’s also a great platform for news sources, or other brands focused on targeting specific interests or topics. Twitter requires more frequent and timely content.

LinkedIn is a great platform to reach other professionals and is growing. In fact, there are more users on this channel than Twitter. Are you selling to other businesses or working with other organizations? If your answer is yes, then chances are, your brand should be here.

Instagram is not just a place for pretty food. It’s also a place for pretty home goods, beauty brands, and other retail products as well. It’s a highly visual platform that sees the most engagement from its users over any other social media channel. Don’t have pretty things to sell or do? Find a way to make them visually engaging or else skip this channel altogether.

Pinterest is also a highly visual platform. Does your product or service have enough engaging visual content to perform well here? This channel offers a unique element of being able to organize your business or organization into boards. Pinterest users are more apt to be looking to buy within the platform as well.

Snapchat can be powerful for driving brand recognition but it’s not easy to get users to find you. There is no link to reference like other social media channels have in order to send to people, nor can it provide the depth of analytics like other channels. The stories feature is one way for brands to touch audiences, and that same feature has now been copied to Instagram and Facebook.

So, what’s the bottom line? Do the things that you are going to do WELL.

Social media is a powerful tool with great ROI, but it does require the constant deployment of resources so you need to be purposeful in your approach.

Cut the channels that don’t make sense and reallocate those resources to the ones that do.

Need some help with the scissors? Mercury offers full Social Media Marketing Work Plans and Audits.

Now that’s #winning.

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