Word on the street

When Facebook originally burst onto the scene it was an amazing platform that provided free exposure to brands.

Wow, things have really changed. But don't fret!

There are still great opportunities with this social media juggernaut for those willing to pay-to-play via highly targeted ads.

Facebook ads allow you to reach people near your business, drive traffic to your responsive website, and connect with future zealots of your awesome brand.

Here are some instructions to help you get started:

  1. Go to www.facebook.com/ads.
  2. Click on "Create Campaign."
  3. Click "Reach people near your business."
  4. Define your audience. There are options that let you drill really deep. Find your niche!
  5. Reach people near your business, or send people to your website.
  6. Set your budget. You can do a lot of damage for a little bit of money.

Let us know if you want help with your first campaign. We'll get our social media wizards on the case!


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