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Organic SEO Explained
SEO is something that most business owners know they need but actually know
very little about. Check out our Local SEO article if you haven't yet.  Now let us break
down the two types of SEO a bit more - organic and paid.

What is Organic SEO?
Organic SEO is non-paid efforts. These are efforts that can be done onsite and
offsite. Onsite organic SEO efforts include fully optimizing existing or new content
on your site that ensures Google is able to read it. There is a strategic way to do
this and we highly recommend bringing in a skilled SEO expert to help you
optimize your entire site correctly. 

Offsite organic SEO are efforts that are performed on a third-party site. These
efforts include backlinking. Simply explained, backlinking is the process of
gaining a link on someone else’s site that links back to your website. Again, this
is a very strategic process and should be developed and implemented by an
SEO expert. 

What is Paid SEO?
Paid SEO can also be referred to as SEM, “Search Engine Marketing”. This is a
tactic to gain visibility in Google search in a paid spot on the first page. See the
image below for a sample of what this might look like, you have likely seen these
paid results appear in search and may not have realized what they were.

Still confused about SEO? Don’t stress. We’d love to chat about how we can help you grow your search visibility through organic and paid SEO efforts.


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