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Whether you’re a designer or are simply working with one, staying on top of the latest trends is worthwhile. No matter the medium, understanding how styles are changing and evolving will keep your designs fresh, authentic and best of all - resonating with your clients.

1. Asymmetry

Although symmetry and asymmetry both have their place in design, 2019 may see an increase in the use of asymmetry. Time to ditch the traditional “grid” associated with design, to dismiss the margins. An asymmetrical layout demands attention and creates a feeling of wonder and interest.

Asymmetry instills a sense of playfulness. It is the most psychological of the current trends as the chaos cuts through the mundane, stopping you in your tracks. Although this may drive the perfectionist crazy, there is still balance in asymmetry when used well. Of course, staying authentic to your brand may mean bucking this trend and sticking with symmetry.

2. Purposeful Color

You don’t have to be an expert in color theory to understand that a color such as red evokes passion and desire. Color selection can help to express a brand’s identity, helping to communicate and shape authentic relationships with their audience. In 2019, rather than using random colors simply to attract attention, the meaning of color is paramount. Color is used in a purposeful way, being placed more intentionally than ever and used to convey meaning with each careful decision.

Mercury’s brand identity work for Leadership Saint Paul (LSP), for example, incorporates bold colors in overlapping circles representative of the desired diversity of the organization’s participants - in ethnicity, expertise, age and experience. The colors and intentional creation of additional colors refer to the connection, interaction, access and engagement that are central to the LSP experience.


3. Elevated Negative Space

The FedEx logo is arguably the world’s most celebrated negative space designs. The ingenious arrow hidden between the E and X is not only clever, but it’s also a representation of what the delivery service is known for—delivering packages!

Use of negative space is a design trend that is being pushed to its limits in 2019. When you subtract something from a design, that negative space now has a more assertive role. For some designers the ultimate achievement is to dispense with everything until the point is reached beyond which the design breaks down entirely. Logos created in those moments leverage negative space in voraciously dexterous ways and elevate the design.


This logo is a great example of the power of negative space.

4. Minimalism

Although there's been a broad trend towards simplicity in design for some years now, uncluttered design aesthetics are showing up where consumers live more of their lives; on apps and websites, and this is causing the trend to accelerate. So, it makes sense for this to be reflected in overall branding as well.

Websites, logos, presentations, ad campaigns – all are seeing the utilization of minimalist design. The implementation of the “less is more” philosophy, using white space, bold colors and typography (sometimes in place of imagery) to express the consumers desire for mindfulness and focus. Don’t be fooled, minimal does not equal simple. Careful thought must be put into how to use this power for good instead of evil.

This minimalist one-page annual report made a big impact.

5. Custom Type

Everyone wants to be unique, to stand out as different or special. We crave exclusivity and individuality. From the clothing we wear, to the furnishings in our house, we want to express our unique personality. Brands are no different, and custom type is becoming more and more of a trend for brands that really want to stand out. The concept isn’t new, but in today’s cluttered marketplace brands are seeking more ways to stand out among the crowd.

Of course, not every budget can afford a complete full-featured typeface, so designers are getting creative with how they use type within logos and what they use for design. Increasingly, a signature serif type or logomark is what designers are turning to. Why? Because after years of dominance the clean sans serif is now seen as “soulless” and “characterless” and serifs are the horned-rimmed glasses of type–seen as quirky cute, smart, and bursting with personality.

So, how do you navigate all these differing trends? Let Mercury Creative Group help you discover which to utilize to promote your brand’s authentic self and connect with your desired audience.


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