Word on the street

A few years ago, responsive websites (those that look good on a phone) were all the rage. Now, having a responsive website is a given and old news. You have to have one if you want to stay relevant.

What should you focus on next for your brand's website? Should you chase the latest website trend, or let it pass until something better comes along?

Here are some website trends we like here at Mercury Creative Group:

  1. Creative, Bold & Big Typography - This is a fun way to stand out and get a message across just by using text!
  2. Bright colors - This may require you to undertake a brand refresh, but it is worth it. Make your website (and company) stand out from the competition with bright, yet welcoming colors.
  3. Illustrations - These add life and personality to your website and communicate a message and feeling in a way that words never will.

Let's connect to determine what website trends to pursue for your new website!


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