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The Mercury Method.

This is the eight-step website design and development process we use when working with a nonprofit organization, association, or business. It keeps everyone on track, and ensures your project will not miss a beat. Without further adieu, here is the Mercury Method.

Step 1 - Define: Team Kickoff & Website Strategy
During the kickoff session, we define your organization's objectives for the website. We help you identify and prioritize all audiences you want your new website to reach, and the marketplace activity (think online marketing strategies & tactics) that will drive traffic to the site. We also help you set website goals for SEO and social media. Finally, functional requirements are determined and technical needs are established (hosting, domain, login information, and more).

Step 2 - Establish User Experience (UX)
User experience is what makes a website great from a visitor’s perspective. This is more than making your site look good. It involves creating user flow from entry point to the intended goal and action you want them to take on your site. We create wire frames so you can see how the website will flow. During this step we also outline content needs, like artwork, copy, photos, and video.

Step 3 - Set SEO & Social Media Strategy
At Mercury Creative Group we like to take an authentic look at your SEO and social media strategy. Most of the time, it does not require a lot of money to drive traffic to your site from search engines. We help you determine metrics, keywords, and the type of content your site needs to get the visitor’s you want. With social media, we discuss the metrics to track and implementation tactics that can help you efficiently and effectively connect with your audience.

Step 4 - Gather Content Assets
This is where all of your website content (artwork, copy, photos, and videos) is secured and placed when under development.

Step 5 - Website Design
In the web design phase we present two home page concepts and offer two rounds of refinements to the design. Once you choose a design concept, we apply that to two interior pages, with another two rounds of tweaks. Once you approve, the design is applied to all other unique pages on your website. Presto! One of the most fun, but difficult parts of a website design and development project is done!

Step 6 - Website Development & Production
This is where all approved web pages are sent to the developer, and partial website programming and development are created for you to preview. You can do a round of revisions to the site, and then full programming and development takes place. At the end of this step there is a complete website shell ready for content injection.

Step 7 - Production: Website Content Execution and Review
At website production all content is added to the site, and a test site is posted for client review. You can do a round of revisions to the site's functionality, and then do a final, comprehensive website review. Now, approval is given to go live!

Step 8 - Website Support
The content management system (CMS) is how you will update your website moving forward. We give you up to two hours of training so you are self-sufficient. We will also discuss your ongoing support needs, and provide a website credentials document.

There it is! The Mercury Method. This website design and development process will help your nonprofit, association, or business get the new website that it wants!

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