Word on the street

Believing that you know what your customers or members think is shortsighted. Like everyone, their needs and expectations continue to evolve. Taking the time to check in with them and discuss their personal experience with your organization or company is key to creating and delivering experiences that wow.

One of our favorite stories about the power of insight gathering comes from a bank in New York City. The bank was struggling with a declining number of in-person visits by their customers. They decided the best way to find out why less and less customers were coming in to handle their transactions was to ask them.

The answer is not an obvious one. The reason foot traffic had slowed was because going into the bank was a pain. Parking was nearly impossible, the bus was unappealing and other transportation options were not convenient. The bank began offering to pick their clients up at home, drive them to the bank and then drive them home.

The results were impressive. The increases in appointments led to increases in the bottom line. Just as importantly, they created some brand fanatics.

Engaging a professional (outside of your own organization) to gather insights is the best way to get under the skin and inside the head of your customers. At Mercury Creative Group, we believe in the power of phone interviews. They promise anonymity and garner honest and useful information. These insights uncover opportunities to better serve and retain current customers. More importantly, they will help drive growth by attracting your ideal customer.


  1. Everyone likes to be heard - your clients are no exception.
    When you genuinely listen to your customers, they feel valued by and have a deeper connection to your organization.
  2. Understanding the needs of your customers allows you to serve them better.
    Knowing what your customers truly want allows you to create experiences that delight them.
  3. Determines whether brand perceptions of leadership, staff and customers are in alignment.
    Sometimes the brand that you believe you are presenting is not the same one that your audience perceives. Insights will help determine the best course for realignment.
  4. Insights act as directions, guiding you in the most efficient and effective way possible to drive growth.
    Information is power. When creating an overall marketing strategy, insights play a key role to drive success.
  5. Identifies new opportunities.
    Your customers may be clamoring for you to offer a new service or carry a desired product, but you may never know. You need to take the time to ask. Let them provide the insights to guide your next product or service.


An insight is defined as a deep understanding of a person or thing. Gaining a deep understanding of your customers allows you keep their motivations and needs at the forefront. In today’s landscape of higher and higher consumer expectations and the march toward personalization, the value of quality customer insights will continue to play an important role in the success of your organization.

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