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As you’ve probably noticed from your personal Facebook and Instagram use, your posts are being seen by a much smaller group of people. The same is true for your business pages. In fact, the organic (free, unsponsored) reach of your social posts from business pages is declining rapidly as Facebook continues to work to appease users with promises of meaningful content from those you care about most.

Free Social Is a Thing of the Past

Long gone are the days that if a business page could secure followers, those followers would always see the content posted by that business. Let’s take a moment of silence for the good ol’ days of free marketing….

But wait, there’s a light! You see, paid social advertising is still highly cost-effective and can be very beneficial, especially when compared to more traditional options.

Let’s look at Facebook/Instagram specifically, because one huge benefit of their shared ownership is letting you, the advertiser, create one ad for both platforms if you so choose. Even better, you don’t need to have business pages on both platforms in order to advertise there.

Numbers Don't Lie

A real-life, recent example of an ad campaign we did here at Mercury promoted our new Cut the Clutter Workshop series (yep, that’s a shameless plug). However, we wanted to reach a specific audience that didn’t already interact with us on Facebook.

Facebook allows you to target ads based on three main categories of variables: location, demographics, and interests. For our campaign, we created a few different ads of varying formats and strategized our targeted audiences. We set our variables, gave the date parameters, determined the budget, and let it fly.


Here are some of the actual numbers from our most recent campaigns:

We spent a measly $32 total on one very briefly run ad that reached 2,229 people ( we specifically targeted) which resulted in 43 clicks to our landing page. This is not an anomaly. Another ad variation we did reached 2,774 people and resulted in 98 link clicks! And we spent just $150 on that. These are just two very small examples of how minimal marketing dollars can demonstrate tangible, measurable results.

Need a hand with your paid social? Let us do the heavy lifting. Mercury drives growth: from strategy to creative, and execution to optimization.


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