Word on the street

Are you tired of your association members and nonprofit volunteers bailing on boring committee meetings and task force gatherings? Would you like to show the excitement of your conferences and premier events? If so, it is time to go live! Multiple apps have recently come on the scene that make live video streaming of meetings and events easier, and more affordable, than ever. Let’s take a quick look at three of them.

Facebook Live
Zuckerberg and company are changing the game again. Grab your phone and go to Facebook. Now click on the area where you post a status update. There is now the option to “Go Live.” Start recording from your mobile phone and your followers can see the action in real time! The videos are saved to your timeline. Try this at your next event and make people jealous they aren’t there in person!

Periscope, owned by Twitter, is an app for your phone that makes live streaming a breeze. You can make your video available to the public, or host a private event that is invite only. Save your members the mileage, and give Periscope a try for your next committee meeting.

Of the three streaming services in this article, Livestream has the most features. There is a free version and paid options. The paid options are for those who want higher quality production. If you have some money in the budget, take a look at Livestream.

It is time for associations and nonprofits to get on board with live streaming events. It will entice members and volunteers to attend, or give them more options for participating than ever before.


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