Word on the street

Defining and communicating your essential value.

Defining what your company or organization does better than anyone else is tough. We know. We’ve done it. For us, it all boiled down to one thing: We are a Connection Driver.

• We connect leadership and staff to their brand.

• We connect the brand to the audience.

• We connect the audience to action through consistent brand communications.

Though it was not a simple process to arrive at these two simple words, it has sharpened our focus and clarified our value - internally and externally. If ever we question a project or a decision, we now put it through the “Connection Driver” filter which helps us to make swift and confident decisions.


When first attempting to uncover your value, don’t be surprised if you get stuck. If you are an association, you may find it difficult to distinguish what is different and better about your offerings than those provided by the association down the street, or other competing factors.

Maybe this example of how three popular sandwich chains distinguished themselves to stand out from one another will help. We’re talking about Subway, Jimmy John’s and Quizno’s. They all serve sandwiches made from fresh ingredients that are made-to-order. To break through the sameness of their offerings, they each identified the one thing that makes them unique.

Subway - Fresh

Jimmy John’s - Fast

Quizno’s - Toasty

Although they all sell sandwiches, they have successfully differentiated themselves in the marketplace.


Because it will make your job easier. Actually, it will make everyone’s job easier. Haven’t we all heard that true multitasking is impossible? Knowing that, we can accurately deduce that having one singular differentiator at the forefront of your organization will create positive ripples of consistency throughout.

Not only will it make things easier for you and your team, it makes things easier for your customers. Using the example above, it makes sense that someone in the market for a sandwich will make a decision based upon what is most important to them - freshness, speed or toastiness.

Here’s one great question to get you started on defining your essential value:

If your company was gone tomorrow, what would your customers miss most?

Help your organization and your customers by spending the time to dig deep and discover what really makes you unique. Once you’ve discovered it, make sure that all you do and say aligns with that value. Consistency is key.

If your back begins to ache from all the digging, contact us - we can help with the heavy lifting.


We foster partnerships with our clients that enable us to uncover the essence of their brand. Let Mercury Creative Group help you gain a fresh perspective on communicating it in strategic ways that connect to the right audiences.


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