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  ||||   10 Feb 2021   ||||  
Love. Trust. Relationships.
In our line of work, our ideal client is long-term and as committed to our relationship as we are! That doesn’t happen overnight. Just as in our personal relationships, building trust and strengthening connections takes effort. Here are the key components to relationship building.
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  ||||   27 Jan 2021   ||||  
Rochester Moves Forward Together
Rochester enlisted Mercury Creative Group to guide a complete rebrand of the City as an organization and create a unified look that would bring clarity, alignment, and unity. Their situation was unique; with 15 departments, including the public library and the police and fire departments, it was essential to acknowledge and incorporate each department's internal pride and ownership of their current visual identity.
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  ||||   13 Jan 2021   ||||  
Branding Series Step 1: Prioritizing Your Audiences
The axiom "if you are speaking to everyone, you are speaking to no one" is correct. Aiming to please too broad of an audience is a recipe for failure. Prioritizing your audience, or determining who are the most important people to reach and please, helps focus your marketing. It also helps evaluate whether the products, services or value you offer is hitting the mark. Read on about this critical first step in our branding process.
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